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Three Poems in Spanish and in English, by Sergio Ortiz.


Disquieting Muses

Mother, in your second death,
who ties the handkerchief

that seals your mouth?  Appearances descend
wearing anonymous faces,

disquieting muses patrolling my cradle
and sanity.   Ariel can groom

you with the cow's udder,
or shower you with salty water.

I am busy, mother,
and in a festive mood, alive.  Alive.

Musas Inquietantes

¿Madre, en tu segunda muerte
quién ata el pañuelo que sella tu boca?

Las apariencias descienden
con rostro anónimo,

musas inquietantes que rondan
mi moisés, mi cordura.

Pídele a Ariel te acicale 
con ubre de vaca, o baños tibios de sal.

Pues yo estoy de fiesta,
he vuelto a vivir.  Madre, estoy vivo. 



They murmur

monster     that’s what they think
they say         I proselytize
on the head of a needle
and are assured       my erection intensifies
the color         of my fur

they say I meddle                 around holes
and fistfuck them                 with urban dictionaries
I’d like to feel
something from them

perhaps that thing               called
human warmth



monstruo          eso piensan
y murmuran              que hago prosélitos
en la cabeza de una aguja
aseguran                   mi erección aumenta

el color           de mi pelaje

que cavo huecos
para enterrar mi        puño dentro de su ano

y hurgo diccionarios            completamente urbanos
a mí me agradaría
                               sentir algo de ellos

tal vez eso que                     nombran
calor humano



Among Those that Tackle Trash

to Miguel Hernández on his centenary

I, I, I stopped down the road,
waited for you to bleed
into my wound.

Was it that you thought my pen
had no clout?


Entre Aquéllos que Enfrentan la Basura

Yo, yo, yo paré más abajo del camino
a esperar que sangraras
dentro de mi herida.

¿Pensaste que mi pluma
no tendría poder?




Ortiz is a retired educator, poet, and photographer. He has a B.A. in English literature, and a M.A. in philosophy. Flutter Press released his debut chapbook, "At the Tail End of Dusk", in October of 2009. Ronin Press released his second chapbook, "topography of a desire", in May of 2010. Avantacular Press released his first photographic chapbook: "The Sugarcane Harvest", May 2010. He was recently published, or is forthcoming in: Letralia, The Shine Journal, The 13th Warrior Review, Deuce Coupe, and Heavy Bear.

This is his first appearance in Offcourse.


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