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Three Poems by Christopher Barnes.




TERPANDER:  Here's quittance for your turn-tailing, Muse of Lesbos.  A monkey trick.  No son-of-a-gun will cut the knot of the door and I've just rescripted a doxy to dance attendance on.  She gnashes, to the backbone a Gorgon.
THE BLOODY BEAR (AN INDEPENDENT BEAST):  Wincing Boy's being mystified but where's his genie?
NAPOLEON:  A remembrance of a chorus airing in the garden.
THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE (IN UNISON):  Oh back-cast buried oblivion, it's her overjump lifetime, a dry-nurse to steps retraced.  She should gurgle the seas.
CLEOPATRA:  To repossess with a blub!


Sophorophic Change

A nought-beside biotechnologist's rose
There's no reflector
in the buba's cot.
The hatchery can be chockfull,
heave-hoed of umpteen curios
(Caliban, twisty-face, goon).
Peekaboo - an endogenous cell.
Can you bloodline it?
Crouched at a lens
is it a patent
you can burp?


Anesthetised Transformations

A solo itching palm
could wrap up
a quadrillion in a boodle.  To clone
the blue (vein) printing
that would fructify
the handiwork.  If the hybrid grows
plash reserves at it.
Any miscreation will make kitty
for a miracle show.
Remedy is a cash machine.


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