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More Glances: Poems by Eric Freedman.


the happy hand
clap alone

We have two

the Cyclopean eye
blink once

We have two

the pirate’s leg
hop along

We have two

the Irish knee

We have two

the Iceman cometh
on padded foot

We have two

the Achillean heel
be a myth

We have two

Why one head ?

Why one heart ?




A Ferry Tale

Winch upon a time ....

A Furry Tail

Wince upon a time ...

A Fairy Tale

Wands upon a time ...

A Fiery Tale

Whence upon a time ...

A Forensic Tale

Wens upon a time ...

A Fainting Tale

Wan upon a time ...

A Football Tale

Wins upon a time ...

Newcastle upon Tyne

Eric Freedman is British, educated in the UK, France and the USA. He has been living in Paris, France since 1973, and is a language educator, legal historian, literary critic and occasional poet. His Poems in French and English appeared in Offcourse Issue #24, Fall 2005.


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