Would you like to receive, four times a year, the latest news from the main capitals of the human heart? Greed, envy, jealousy, boredom, desperation, longing, unmotivated joy and the frenzy to endure: we'll bring you reports from all of those, and, with each issue, our special dispatch from the habitual disaster, self-justification. Good writing guaranteed, or your money back.

You may be thinking, "Enough professional-grade writing out there to fix me for life: I don't need another literary magazine, another outlet for experimental poetry or prose." Never fear, we're not opening a lab, nor a museum-but wouldn't a little tongue of land be nice, a shelter, balmy and pleasant if we can make it so, from the Main of Oblivion? Forgetfulness floods us even as we breathe, history keeps but the husks of past being, and, all about, blinding, current chaff is puffed out from the media; in due course everything, great labs and museums, shall be swallowed up. Of course. Yet writing always goes against the due course; good writing goes, madly and deliberately, OFF COURSE.

We publish short fiction, poems, essays, reviews, lucubrations about life and the arts, that touch, tenderly or cruelly, on the contradiction that is the heart of writing, the doomed, comic, thrilling adventure, this double life.

Ricardo Nirenberg

Copyright 1998, offcourseY.

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