Contributors to the Fall 1999 Issue:

Margaret Black is a freelance writer and editor who reviews books for an alternative weekly newspaper in upstate New York.
Please write to her in care of OFFCOURSE.

Philip Hyams says:
Allow me to introduce myself. I am a published Israeli/Canadian novelist
(Canaan Barred - 1995 - Tell Books: NY/Toronto)  and poet whose poetry
has been published in:
 Ariga magazine  - 4  poems  (Israel)
 Psychozoan - 6 poems (U.S.A.)
 Eclectica Magazine - 6 poems (U.S.A.)
 Isibongo Magazine - 5 poems (South Africa)
 Gravity Magazine - 4 poems (U.S.A.)
 Dead Letters - 3 poems (U.S.A.)
 SF Salvo - 23 poems (U.S.A.)
 The Art Bin - 5 poems (Sweden)
 Morningstar - 4 poems (U.S.A.)
 Talus & Scree - 3 poems (U.S.A.)
 Spirals - 1 poem (U.S.A.)
 Columbusí Electronic Literary Magazine - 23 poems (U.S.A.)
 Southern Ocean Review (1 poem)  - (New Zealand)
Additionally, in the past I have performed (slammed!)  my work under the
auspices of One World Poetry (Amsterdam) alongside such poets as Jack
Micheline (now deceased) and Gregory Corso.
Please write to me in care of OFFCOURSE.

Michael Kinnaird says:

 i am forty-two years old.  i grew up on a farm, went to a small
college, received a b.a. in psychology, have spent the last twenty years
working with disturbed children and writing.
Please write to me in care of OFFCOURSE.


Duane Locke, Ph. D. in Renaissance Literature, lives alone and unemployed in an old, decaying two story inherited house in the palm-lined, sunny Tampa slums.  He lives as a stranger and alien because he does not understand the customs, costumes, or language-some form of postmodern English. He also paints and currently has a one-man art show at the Pyramid gallery in Tampa.  Has had over 2,000 poems published in print magazines such as APR, Nation, Literary Quarterly, Black Moon, Bitter Oleander, but wonders if anyone ever reads poems in print magazines. His 14th and latest book is WATCHING WISTERIA (To order see or call 1-800-869-7553).  You can write to Duane or email him:

Duane Locke
2716 Jefferson Street
Tampa, FL 33602-1620

David Nirenberg is Ricardo's son.  He is Associate Professor of History at Rice University, in Houston, Texas.  The text "From Nabuchadnezzar to Negroponte", save minor changes, is that of a talk delivered at the SCIENTIA Colloquium, organized by Rice University, in November 1995.

Elisha Porat is the author of "The Messiah of La Guardia", a collection of short stories.

His translator, Mr. Alan Sacks, was for many years an attorney who received his undergraduate, graduate and law degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Judge now, and lives with his wife and two children in Philadelphia. He has translated Hebrew for the foreign Broadcast Information Service of the United States Government and has been translating Mr. Porat's stories since 1988. Recently he translated few volumes of the history of the war of independence of the State of Israel.

"Poetry is a sudden process
of verbal compression..."
Short Anthologies from the author's works can be found at:
Also see porat-reviews.html.

Rowan Wolf says:
Raised by trolls in Northern Sweden.
Part-time journalist while finishing high school.
Published Swedish stories.

Left Sweden in 1969 for Africa and England. I liked Africa, preferred
Left England in 1979 for the U.S. Lived in New York for a long year. Won't do
that again. Southern California since.
I now live on a sailboat in Long Beach, California.

I think the internet is the future of publishing and I've had many stories
published on line over the last few years.
I think e-zine editors should be canonized, or at least heroized.

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