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Bio Notes for Rebecca Lu Kiernan.

A studio photo of RL KiernanRebecca Lu Kiernan has published in ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION, MS. MAGAZINE, SPACE AND TIME, NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW and numerous books and magazines in the U.S. and Australia. She was nominated for a Rhysling Award for her cautionary and erotic tale, "When a Snake Bites You in the Ass".

The founding editor of GECKO MAGAZINE, she lives in Destin, Florida. She writes regularly for BEWILDERING STORIES and hosts The Eternal Poem Project at

Her series of poetry releases include "Rummy Park", "Jepatio Street", "An Unkindness of Ravens", "Letters to the Bat" and most recently, "Timewave Zero". She welcomes seasoned and new writers to submit a few lines to The Eternal Poem Project.

(Updated November 2012.)

Her work in Offcourse:

Issue #53, Summer 2013 "New Poems and Pictures."

Issue #52, March 2013, "The Astronaut Candidate".

Issue #51, December 2012, New from Timewave Zero and "Lucy of the Valley."

Issue #50, Fall 2012, Four Poems

Issue #46, Summer 2011, New Poems

Issue #45, Spring 2011, New Poems from Letters to the Bat

Issue #26, March 2006, Three Rummy Park Poems

Issue #24, Fall 2005, Poems

Issue #23, Spring 2005, Three Poems

Issue #21, Fall 2004, Two Poems

Issue #19, Winter 2004, Three Poems

Issue #18, Fall 2003, Seven Poems

Issue #15, November 2002, Three Poems

Issue #13, Spring 2002, Three Poems

Issue #11, Fall 2001, Four Poems


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