From the Editor:

    We are gratified by the response to the first two issues.  Almost a thousand hits so far:  top popular sites may get that much per day or per hour or per second, but we don't aim at mass readership;  rather, an intelligent one.   We had a steady stream of  unsolicited submissions, which make up two thirds of this third issue .  In some cases, you may click on the author's name to find a short bio. Of(f)course will forward mail to the authors.

    Our regular (may we already use that word?) contributor Melissa Byles has been occupied with her prelims for a Ph.D. in aesthetics;  we expect to have her back.  Solano Meier, a native of Paraguay and film buff who lives in New York City takes up the critical sting in the meantime.

Our leaders   comfort and guide us


From Vice-president Gore's speech in Littleton, Sunday April 25th, 1999:

"The young killers of Columbine High School do not stand for the spirit of  America.  America is a good and decent place, and our goodness is a light to all the nations of the world."
And from the New York Times, Friday April 30, 1999:
President Clinton said yesterday that he planned to summon high-ranking leaders of the entertainment industry and other experts to the White House "in the near future"[...]
Mr Clinton said questions to be addressed include these:  "What should we do about guns?  What should we do about culture?"


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