Will Your Apartment Be Unoccupied for any Length of Time Over the Summer?

If yes, please see the tips below:

  • Sign up with the Albany Police Department (APD) for a "Vacation Check" . by downloading, completing and submitting a Vacation Check Form
  • This service lets APD know when you expect to be away so they can give your residence off campus some extra attention.
  • Remove anything of extreme value.
  • Notify a trusted neighbor that you'll be gone and ask him/her to watch your apartment.
  • Cancel all deliveries and have all mail held or forwarded by the post office.
  • Arrange for your neighbor to keep your porch and/or doorway clear of advertising and other materials.
  • Check all doors and windows to make sure they are securely locked.
  • Close all first floor blinds and/or curtains.
  • Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off at predetermined times.

Have a Safe and Secure Summer!