City Of Albany Heating Ordinance

Is your apartment freezing cold? See below for the details of the Ordinance

In the City of Albany “every dwelling and multifamily dwelling shall have heating facilities, and the owner of the heating facilities shall be required to see that they are properly installed, safely maintained and in good working condition and that they are capable of safely and adequately heading all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toiled rooms located herein to a temperature of at least 65 degrees F with and outside temperature of 10 degrees F below 0. The owner of the heating facilities shall maintain a minimum average room temperature of 65 degrees F in all habitable rooms, including bathrooms and toilet rooms, when rented, at all times on the basis of 10 degrees below 0 outside.”

Having Difficulty with your Landlord Complying?

Contact the City of Albany Buildings and Codes at 518-434-5995