Living in Albany

As a member of the Albany community, we encourage you to become involved in your community and neighborhood. The University works with the community, other local colleges and the city to provide some of the following programs. 

City of Albany Resident Information

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When looking for or renting and apartment off campus, please see our Tenant Tips.

It prohibits unreasonable noise any time, but particularly between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Police may issue appearance tickets to or even arrest violators. Fines range up to $250 and/or 15 days in jail for repeat or serious violators.
It is illegal for a person to possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place. Fines range from $150-$250 or imprisonment up to 10-15 days.
Persons who purchase or attempt to purchase an alcoholic beverage through fraudulent means (i.e. altered/fake ID/drivers license) are guilty of a CRIME (Felony) punishable by a fine up to $5000, jail and/or community service. If a NYS driver’s license is involved, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend the person’s driver’s license for 90 days.
Persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from possessing any alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume the beverage. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $50 per offense plus 30 hours of community service and the cost for completion of an alcohol awareness program ($175.00-$300.00).
Don't Get Towed and Fined! All residents are to park on the even side of the street for the first 24 hour period. The following day all residents should move vehicles to the odd side of the street for a 24 hour period. Please call 518-476-SNOW for complete details about snow emergencies. You can also visit the City Of Albany's Website for detailed information on parking restrictions and snow emergency instructions.

Smoke detectors are required in each room used for sleeping purposes. For more information, call the Albany Fire Department at 447-7879.

Don't barbecue on your porch or near your apartment! You could be jeopardizing your life, the lives of your apartment mates and your neighbors. In the City of Albany, it's the law that barbecuing must take place at least twenty-five (25) feet from any wood structure and in no event within ten (10) feet of any structure.

Keep your porch free of debris, couches, stuffed chairs, trash, mattresses and other combustibles. It will help you avoid a fire, a fine and/or a court appearance.

During the cold weather months, there is a “heating ordinance” for all apartments in the City of Albany.
For more information please see our Heating Ordinance Page