Student Support Services
(Project Excel)

Providing academic supportive assistance designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of low income, first generation, and disabled students is the primary intent of the Project Excel Program. Funded through a federal grant from the US Department of Education, Project Excel is a Student Support Services Program.

Services Available

Project Excel will strive to achieve its goal of a graduation rate of 70% of its participants by offering its students a variety of University-wide support services, including Academic Counseling, free-study group tutorials, and study skills workshops. Additionally, Project Excel students receive other comprehensive programming such as supplemental advisement, personal counseling, and free peer tutoring. Whether a Project Excel student is a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, these services can help the student achieve his/her goals. The following is a list of some of the services available to Project Excel students in their quest for personal growth and academic success here at the University at Albany:

Supplemental Academic Counselor Faculty Mentoring Program
Free Peer Tutoring Study Group Sessions
Personal Counseling Writing Lab
Study Skills Workshops Financial Aid Planning and Information
Study Skills Materials Career Workshops
Project Excel Peer Advisors/Mentors      Graduates school advisement
Field Trips Freshmen Year Seminar course (UNI 100)

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these offerings! For information on these or other programs feel free to call:

Chris Fernando: (518) 442-5196
Makisha Brown: (518) 442-5542

More information on certain services:

Supplemental Academic Counselor

Project Excel provides for a supplemental Academic Counseling for the benefit of its students. This Academic Counseling is committed to addressing both short and long term academic or individual concerns. The benefit of this service allows such counselors to complement the Academic Advisor while providing extra services. Academic Counselors are there to provide "hands-on" assistance to enhance the total college experience.

All Project Excel students are encouraged to stop by LI 97-F (located across from ASC\US) in Academic Support Services or call (518) 442-5196 to schedule a meeting. Academic Counselors look forward to learning about the students personal goals and discussing how he may help the students achieve them. College is an excellent opportunity to grow academically, professionally, and socially and we feel both proud and excited as the new students embark on this new adventure. Remember, success will be achieved through determination, hard work, and utilizing all available resources. These Academic Counselors are a resource as their counseling responsibilities are exclusively dedicated to addressing the needs and goals of the Project Excel students. GOOD LUCK!

Peer Tutoring Program

The Peer Tutoring Program matches University students interested in receiving extra help in a specific course with qualified tutors. Tutors undergo an interview procedure, submit departmental references, maintain an overall 3.0 grade point average, and are required to have received a B+ or better in the designated class. Students serviced through the Project Excel program are provided FREE Peer Tutoring services. Tutoring is based on availability on a first come first served basis. Those interested in this program can contact:

Chris Fernando: (518) 442-5196


The World Within Reach

Students participate in more than 200 student clubs and honor societies, and enjoy a busy calendar of campus events.