Summary of SSS goals and statistics

Project Excel is a federal Student Support Services Program. This program has been in existence at the University at Albany since fall 2001. This program is free and at no cost to students that are eligible. All project participants are either low-income, first generation college students, or individuals with disabilities. Student participants in Project Excel have a need for academic support in order to successfully pursue a program of post-secondary education.

The goals of the programs are to

  1. Assess the academic, personal, career and financial needs of each student.
  2. Provide services that ensure that students will remain in college until the completion of their degree and remain in good standing through their academic career.

University at Albany Student Support Service program

  • Serves 200 students annually
  • 72% of SSS participants graduate
  • 88% retention rate
  • 85% of our SSS participants are in good academic standing
  • 86% Graduation Rate
  • 49% of SSS students in Spring 2016 had 3.0 and above