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Across the state, there are many organizations with available funding and technical support to help aid your sustainability initiatives. Below you will find a collection of the current available funding and support programs. Please use the eligibility key to find out which programs apply to your business. Note that funding marked with the CFA icon is eligible to apply to through the Consolidated Funding Application Learn More.

Environmental Investment Program (EIP)
The Environmental Investment Program (EIP) is a financial assistance program to help businesses capture the economic benefits associated with pollution prevention, waste reduction, re-use and recycling. The program provides capital, technical assistance, and research and development awards that expand the ability to recycle solid and industrial waste into higher value products, or reduce pollution and waste at the point of generation.

Due Date: Continuous


Tax Relief for Air Pollution Control  
Tax relief to encourage construction of air pollution control facilities is provided under State and Federal law.

Due Date: Continuous


Environmental Audit Incentive Policy
This Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) Policy encourages regulated entities to audit their operations and adopt effective approaches to prevent violations, including environmental management systems and pollution prevention, thereby improving compliance with environmental laws statewide and protecting public health and the environment. To support these actions, this Policy reduces or waives penalties for violations that are discovered and disclosed voluntarily, or discovered during pollution prevention or compliance assistance and encourages regulated entities to engage, during the ordinary course of business, in an environmental audit program. This Policy also identifies incentives for regulated entities to go "beyond compliance" by agreeing to evaluate and incorporate environmental management and pollution prevention into their systems.



The Small Business Environmental Assistant Program (SBEAP)  
SBEAP provides free, confidential technical assistance to New York’s small-business owners to assist them in complying with state and federal air regulations. SBEAP’s partner is the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman of Empire State Development. Under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, every state across the nation must provide a small business assistance program to help businesses understand if air requirements apply to them and, if so, the necessary steps to become compliant.



Landfill Methane Outreach Program
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) is a voluntary assistance program that helps to reduce methane emissions from landfills by encouraging the recovery and beneficial use of landfill gas (LFG) as an energy resource. LFG contains methane, a potent greenhouse gas that can be captured and used to fuel power plants, manufacturing facilities, vehicles, homes, and more. By joining LMOP, companies, state agencies, organizations, landfills, and communities gain access to a vast network of industry experts and practitioners, as well as to various technical and marketing resources that can help with LFG energy project development.