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Disaster Preparedness

Success Stories

Ready.gov - Business Testimonials
Disaster recovery case studies: Morgan Stanley, Equity Technologies, Aeneas, Childs Capital, LLC, Leidenheimer Baking, Penn State, John Deere, Compucast Interactive, Munro Inc.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to 'award over a half billion in funding to areas impacted by hurricane sandy in New Jersey and New York / funding will help upgrade wastewater and drinking water facilities damaged by Sandy.

Lessons Learned from Katrina: A Retail Store Takes Action
When Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, businesses were damaged or destroyed, houses were reduced to debris and concrete slabs, and communities were left stunned. One business hit hard was Hudson’s Salvage Stores. Ironically, Hudson’s sells merchandise from other companies that have been damaged by some sort of disaster.