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Waste Management

Success Stories

Composting and Organic Waste

Recovering Organic Wastes-Giving Back to Mother Nature (PDF)
Several success stories about different industry leaders who reduced their waste streams into landfills.

Aspen Skiing Company: Compost Feedstock
In Aspen, Colorado, snow is not the only material piling up—construction and demolition (C&D) debris is being generated nearly as fast as the snow falls. That’s why environmentally conscious Aspen Skiing Company—while welcoming the snow—has decided to reuse building materials and create compost out of the remaining materials instead of throwing them away.

Hazardous Waste

Lean & Environment Case Study: Columbia Paint and Coatings
Environmental savings included: Reducing 15,000 lbs of paint solids from wash water, saving 18,000 lbs of shrink wrap, and removing 2,820 lbs of hazardous materials from the waste stream.