Elementary School

NYKids has conducted three studies at the elementary level. The most recent of these, conducted in 2016, examined schools based on the performance of their English language learners (ELLs).

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Results suggest that higher-than-expected performance by English language learners in elementary schools is related to conditions in the district, school, and classroom that include:

  • A welcoming school climate in a culture that emphasizes high expectations and equitable access to rigorous curricula

  • Inclusive, individualized, and culturally responsive instructional approaches offered by skilled and dedicated ENL and other teachers and support staff

  • Team configurations and communications to serve ELLs and their families

  • A holistic approach to leadership and capacity building for ELLs' success.

View or download Case Studies from the ELL Elementary Study (2016)


Results from the Critical Needs Elementary Study (2011)


 Results from the Elementary Study (2005)