Professional Learning Communities - PLCs

Across the odds-beating schools in our studies, a professional and collaborative environment prevails.

For example,

  • Clicking on the “Staff Selection, Leadership, and Capacity Building” level of any of the Best Practice Frameworks will provide an overview of the professional climate at each level, as well as how the climate differs in average-performing schools.
  • Case studies about Winch Middle School in So. Glens Falls and MLK Elementary School in Utica describe PLCs in each setting.
  • In rural areas where subject area teachers at the secondary level may lack in-school colleagues with whom to work, PLCs are sometimes formed across school and district boundaries. Examples come from Greene and South Kortright (case study, p.6).
  • In Holland, core teams are learning communities that devote a block every other day to working together on curriculum, assessment, and student needs (case study, p.4).