Best Practice Framework: Middle School

Research teams investigated ten consistently higher- and five consistently average- performing middle schools to determine differences in their practices along the five themes of the framework below. Here are the results for New York middle schools. For more information about each finding, follow the Learn More link.

High School Completion (2013) Critical Needs, Elementary (2011) ELL Elementary (2016) High School (2008) Middle School (2007)
Organizing Themes Best Practices
Curriculum & Academic Goals
  • All stakeholders involved in developing and aligning curriculum & goals across grades and subjects.
  • Teachers collaborate to ensure consistency and access for all students.

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Staff Selection, Leadership, & Capacity Building
  • Highly qualified educators who “fit” with the district vision hired and provided opportunities for leadership and growth.
  • Teachers use strategies learned in grade-level teams, district department meetings, and other professional development opportunities.

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Instructional Programs, Practices, & Arrangements
  • Teachers and administrators involved in program and material selection.
  • Differentiated instruction in inclusive classrooms to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to gain required knowledge and skills.

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Monitoring: Compilation, Analysis, & Use of Data
  • Frequent and multiple assessments of performance analyzed and shared by/with students, teachers, administrators, parents.

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Recognition, Intervention, & Adjustments
  • Climate of mutual respect and responsibility.
  • Resources applied to intervene to remove barriers to learning and prevent need for remediation.

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