Best Practice Framework: ELL, Elementary

Research teams investigated six elementary schools with consistently odds-beating academic achievement of English language learners to determine differences in practices along the five themes of the framework below. For more information about each finding, follow the Learn More link.

High School Completion (2013) Critical Needs, Elementary (2011) ELL Elementary (2016) High School (2008) Middle School (2007)
Organizing Themes Best Practices
Curriculum & Academic Goals
  • Building strong literacy foundations for ELLs,
  • Aligning the ESL/ENL curriculum with the grade level curriculum, and
  • Collaboratively developing high academic goals for all.

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Staff Selection, Leadership, & Capacity Building
  • ELL-Focused leadership,
  • Embedded and teacher-facilitated professional development, and
  • Hiring practices to ensure flexibility and growth.

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Instructional Programs, Practices, & Arrangements
  • Integrating ELLs into mainstream classes and the whole school culture,
  • Adapting and modifying instructional materials, and
  • ESL/ENL teacher leadership.

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Monitoring: Compilation, Analysis, & Use of Data
  • Multiple measures to monitor student performance,
  • Technology to systematize data collection and promote communication, and
  • Communication among stake-holders around student performance data.

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Recognition, Intervention, & Adjustments
  • Appropriate interventions for ALL students,
  • A team approach to interventions, and
  • Focus on social-emotional wellness.

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