Common Core Research

NYKids researchers teamed up with other School of Education faculty to complete research on Odds-Beating Schools and the Common Core.

Books on the Common Core Implementation Study, click here.

Related Presentations and Articles:

AERA 2017 Annual Meeting - "High Literacy in Odds-Beating Middle Schools Implementing the Common Core," April 30, 2017. See abstract here and presentation slides here.

Lawson, H.A., Durand, F., Wilcox, K.C., Gregory, K., Schiller, K. & Zuckerman, S. "The Role of District and School Leaders' Trust and Communications in the Simultaneous Implementation of Innovative Policies" in Journal of School Leadership. January 2017. p.31. Click here.

Research Reports:

Case Studies:


"The Role of District Office Leaders in the Adoption and Implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Elementary Schools," in Educational Administration Quarterly 2015, by F. Durand, H.A. Lawson, K.C. Wilcox, & K. Schiller. (Click on title for link.)  

"Odds-Beating Schools in the Common Core Era," by Kristen Wilcox and the UAlbany team, cited in the New York Common Core Task Force Report, December 2015, p.23.

"In the Common Core Era, Schools Need Good Organizational Gardening," an article by Kristen Wilcox, Hal Lawson, & Janet Angelis, in On Board (Journal of the New York State School Boards Association) September 2015, p.11.


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  • Gatekeeping roles of district and school leaders in implementing Common Core system wide. Paper presentation at the AERA Annual Meeting. Durand, F.T., Schiller, K.S., Zuckerman, S.J. Kaufman, D., & Hecht, D.J. April 2017.
  • Professional learning in a top-down curriculum reform: Districts as mediators between states and schools. Paper presentation at the AERA Annual Meeting. Schiller, K.S., Zuckerman, S.J., Durand, F.T., Hecht, D.J., Kaufman, D., & Gregory, K. April 2017.
  • High literacy in odds-beating middle schools implementing the Common Core. Paper presentation at AERA Annual Meeting.Wilcox, K.C., Nachowitz, M., & Ward, R., April 2017.
  • Teachers in schools beating the odds for student achievement on Common Core assessments: A participatory performance, presentation by Kristen Wilcox at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Convention, November 2016.

• Defining characteristics and practices of "odds-beating" schools in the Common Core era, an invited presentation on leadership, instruction, and a Theory of Action, at the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) by Kristen Wilcox, Francesca Durand, Kathryn Schiller, Karen Gregory, Sarah Zuckerman, Heather Kurto, and Hal Lawson, Albany, NY, November 2015.

  • Odds-beating schools in the Common Core era," a University of Albany School of Education Day presentation by Kristen Wilcox, Hal Lawson, Francesca Durand, Katy Schiller, and Karen Gregory, September 2015.

  • Click on the links to see the symposium presentations on the Practices & Processes of Odds-Beating Elementary Schools, presented April 2015 at the AERA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

  • Writing to the Common Core: Teachers' perspectives on changes in standards and assessments for writing in elementary schools. Paper presentation at the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) by Kristen Wilcox, March 2015.