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NYKids mission is to inform, inspire, and improve -

    • inform educators and others about school performance in comparison to other schools in the state
    • inspire educators through case studies and other reports of promising practices in odds-beating schools
    • improve schools through professional development in continuous improvement processes (COMPASS-AIM) 

NEW NYKids Study Announced for 2017-18: Critical Needs High School Study

Stakeholders in our state, as well as many others around the country, have raised concerns and made calls to examine why some "critical needs" students (i.e. economically disadvantaged, English Language learners, African-American, and Hispanic/Latino) have suboptimal high school outcomes - including four-year graduation rates. Therefore, we have designed a study highlighting several lines of research indicating the import of:

  1. Instructional leadership, especially inclusive-facilitative leadership
  2. Parent/family and community engagement
  3. Organizational capacity for academic, social, and emotional needs of diverse youth
  4. School culture and climate - particularly aspects that are culturally-responsive
  5. Culturally-responsive curriculum and instruction
  6. Assessment and interventions for struggling students
  7. Cradle-to-career systems for diverse youth.

Our focus this year is on identifying and studying schools with above-predicted (odds-beating) and predicted (typically performing) graduation outcomes for "critical needs" students.

Look for our findings in summer/early fall 2018.

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NYSED 2016-17 School Report Card is available now!