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Research & Project Solutions

Nonprofits face a wide range of challenges in serving the Capital Region. The Institute of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Development offers a wide range of opportunities for us to work together in addressing these issues, ranging from graduate student teams to faculty consulting. Custom solutions are designed to fit your needs and resources.

    Working together to strengthen the Capital Region:

    • Experiential learning with undergraduate and graduate-level students;
    • Service-Learning Projects (SLPs) incorporated into full-length graduate-level classes;
    • Custom consultation and technical assistance;
    • Rigorous research with faculty and faculty-led research teams; and
    • Intern coordination and placement.

    Join us for our next custom community solution: the free testing of a web-based software designed to help nonprofits start up! Designed by Albany Law School, we are seeking testers for the software. Please sign up for the access code and event here: