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Community and Professional Development

Learning never stops, especially when you are providing service to the community. We understand that there are often needs we have as a service provider or as an organization that require more than half a day. Whether this means an in-depth workshop or formal certification, the Institute of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Development wants to help provide a solution.

Getting Involved

    • Getting to Know Grassroots is a networking brown-bag lunch designed for nonprofits who self-identify as "small."
    • For anyone interested in Leveraging University and Community Knowledge (L.U.C.K.), we have L.U.C.K. Sessions designed to let university and community put their heads together and pool ideas.
    • For improving a focused set of skills, we are introducing Professional Development Workshops aimed at providing affordable capacity-building opportunities for the nonprofit community.
    • For a broader introduction to managerial skills in the nonprofit sector, UAlbany also offers an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.