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Fundraising for Social Change

October 31, 2014

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to fund social change projects, especially in these tough economic times. Beyond grant writing, what strategies can social change and advocacy nonprofits use to raise revenue while also building support for their missions? How can all nonprofits succeed during challenging economic times? Keynote speaker, Kim Klein, Klein and Roth Consulting, Oakland, CA, is an internationally known speaker, author of five books (including Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times), and founder of the Nonprofit Fundraising Journal.


David Rousseau, Dean, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

Keynote Speaker: 
Kim Klein, Klein and Roth Consulting

Nonprofit Leader Panel: 
Area Nonprofit Leaders on development and fundraising
initiatives and techniques "beyond grant writing" targeting social
change, community, and advocacy organizations.

  • Miki Conn, Hamilton Hill Arts Center
  • Curran Streett, Pride Center of the Capital Region
  • Diane Yoder, African Well Fund
  • Amy Klein, Capital District Community Gardens

Roundtable Discussions: 
Led by UAlbany Faculty and Seminar Panelists