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Emerging Nonprofit Leadership Accelerator

Accepting nominations through November 20, 2017

ENLA is designed to provide professional development, career coaching and a robust leadership pipeline throughout the nonprofit sector in the broader Capital Region. Young professionals will have the opportunity to receive early career advisement and training from industry experts, preparing themselves for future leadership roles.

What Does ENLA Do?

  • Provides nonprofit leadership training and resources through five professional development workshops. 
  • Develops a supportive network of mutually benefitting connections with a mentor, experienced trainers, and a cohort of peers. 
  • Encourages healthy lifestyles and prevent burnout with self-care peer support groups.
  • Delivers sector guidance and advice with one-on-one mentorship and monthly career counseling sessions.

The Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Accelerator is a program to attract people in early career and program positions in Capital Region nonprofits and provide them resources, support and a network to succeed and stay in the sector. Upon completion of the program, Fellows will be better prepared to take on capacity building roles, prevent burnout, avoid leaving the sector, and stand ready to take leadership positions when they become available.

    Whom Are We Looking For?

    Emerging Leader Nominations

    • Currently working at a nonprofit organization in the Capital Region, interpreted broadly
    • Currently in a capacity building role for less than 5 years or in a current program staff position
    • Completed an undergraduate degree or a mix of equivalent experience and/or education.
    • You can nominate yourself or someone else

    We also need nominations for Mentors!

    Emphasis will be placed on a developing a diverse cohort of Fellows and Mentors, and we especially encourage nominations of emerging leaders identifying as minorities including people of color, LGBTQ individuals, people with disabilities, religious minorities and other cultural minorities.

        Please nominate a Fellow or Mentor using the form below. We will begin reviewing nominations on November 20, with notifications of the Cohort selection by December 15.

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