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Emerging Issues in the Nonprofit Sector is a series of nonprofit knowledge and resource sharing events designed to bring University at Albany faculty, students and staff, community leaders and experts together to:

  • identify and discuss nonprofit sector issues and concerns
  • share knowledge and expertise
  • identify issues requiring further research and education
  • coordinate the development and dissemination of knowledge through community-based research, education, and service initiatives

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Leading Through Turbulent Times: Politics, Pandemics, Race, and Recession

Wednesday, October 28, 10:30 AM

Few nonprofit executives have been as challenged as today's leaders are. With the fates and futures of so many organizations in question, many nonprofit leaders are wondering how to effectively manage the challenges of these times, lead their organizations and staff, respond to shifting community demands, navigate constrained government contracts, instill hope, address fears, and somehow take care of themselves and their families.

Join us for a community conversation with three highly experienced nonprofit leaders: Neenah Bland, Executive Director of Albany Community Action Partnership; Bill Gettman, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Rivers Family of Services; and Katherine Maciol, President/CEO of CEO.

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Previous Programs:

Get On Board: Committing to Diversity and Culture Change on Nonprofit Boards

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Nonprofit Leaders and Board Members! Join us on September 29th, 2020 for the conference, “Get on Board: Committing to Diversity and Cultural Change on Your Nonprofit Board.

Building on the findings of the Nonprofit Board Diversity Assessment: A Snapshot of the Capital Region, this live and interactive virtual conference will provide space for you to discuss and develop concrete steps for overcoming challenges related to DEI and implementing a new ideal within their own nonprofit.

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Monitoring the Policy Landscape

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Join state policy makers, nonprofit practitioners, and other experts as we discuss the ways that the New York State Budget impacts your organization programmatically and financially; how to monitor proposed policies that may impact your organization while providing practical tools you can easily put into practice; provide an introduction on the ways your organization can advocate for or against proposed policy; and give you information on current policies your organization may want to be aware of and monitor.

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Leading Green Part I: Building Awareness, Resilience, and Power in the Age of Climate Change Disruption

Friday, April 5, 2019

Join local, national, and international sustainability and climate change experts for a conversation about the impact climate change will have on local nonprofits and the populations they serve, and inspiring and practical steps for what your organization can do to address it.

UAlbany Green Scene

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Building Innovative, Reciprocal, and Sustainable Private/Nonprofit Partnerships

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

This interactive workshop will help participants to learn the five things you need to do to have greater resources, more impact, sustainable results, and stronger partnerships. Guest speaker, Gina Volynsky, will provide you with the tools to develop more impactful and fruitful partnerships with the private sector; partner with other nonprofits to enhance your collaborations with the private sector; and gauge and improve the health of your private sector partnerships.

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The Skinny on Social Media Marketing: Reaching Your Audience with Strategy and Style

Friday, November 30, 2018

How can nonprofits with limited time, resources, and technical ability manage all of this? Marketing, SEO, and social media expert Leslie Horn Trosset will help you develop a smart, feasible, and effective strategy for managing your organization's social media presence, including where to find and how to create compelling messages for your distinctive stakeholders.

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Finding and Keeping: Successful Grant Prospecting; Strategic Grant Management

Friday, October 26, 2018

How do you find the right funding match for your organization? How do you measure outcomes and demonstrate success so you are positioned for further funding? Join us for an exploration of best practices for successful grant prospecting and strategic grant management. Successful Prospecting, led by Lauren Collens, will provide you with tips and tools for grant prospecting that ensure you are targeting the grant applications most likely to increase your organization’s revenue. Strategic Management, led by Winsome Foderingham, will provide you with best practices to manage a grant programmatically and financially. From receiving an award to delivering and sharing results, she will share with you practices that may make for a more manageable and successful experience and, potentially, increase your organization’s impact.

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Retaining Top Talent

Friday, May 4, 2018

It's difficult to find the best people to work for your nonprofit -- and even more difficult to hold onto them! The commercial and government sectors often offer higher pay or more benefits, so how do we keep our talent pipeline full? And even if we find talented people who want to work in the nonprofit sector, how do you keep them wanting to come to work everyday at your nonprofit?

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Data Visualization

Friday, February 2, 2018

Nonprofits are caught between demands to provide evidence of effectiveness and to tell stories that are engaging and appealing. We all collect different types of information on what we do, but how do we turn that into a compelling case? Data visualization is the art of turning information into compelling visuals, and this seminar brings together experts in different types of visualization to show us what is possible and how to achieve it. Derek Werthmuller, our keynote speaker and Director of Technology Innovation and Services at UAlbany, plus an expert panel will share their insights on data visualization.

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Social Enterprise & Earned Revenues

Friday, October 27, 2017

More nonprofits rely on earned revenues than any other type of income. But are earned revenues right for all nonprofits? Are we all becoming social enterprises -- and is this a good thing? Join us as we explore the importance and feasibility of “Social Enterprise & Earned Revenues” with an expert panel and Ajax Greene, our keynote speaker and serial social entrepreneur with almost 25 years focused exclusively on triple bottom line/regenerative businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits.

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Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Funders, Your Clients, and Yourselves

Friday, May 12, 2017

Our next event in the revitalized Emerging Issues in the Nonprofit Sector series is “Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Funders, Your Clients, and Yourselves.”  Every day we hear about compromised databases of payment information from the commercial and public sectors, and we are just as vulnerable to such attacks.  Additionally, we often possess information that is highly sensitive, but necessary to serve the individuals and families that we do.  How do we protect those who trust us from cyber-crime?  Steven J. Spano, our keynote speaker and President and COO of the international nonprofit Center for Internet Security, plus an expert panel will share their insights on how to prevent and remedy these issues.

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Uncertain Times: What Should Nonprofits Be Thinking About?

Friday, March 24, 2017

The political and regulatory climate are changing, and nonprofit leaders feel overwhelmed by the growing list of things to keep on their radar. Which topics or changes should be at the top of that list? We’ve invited a variety of experts from different parts of the sector to share their opinions.

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Nonprofits and Public Policy: Advocating Strategically to Advance Your Mission

Friday, October 2, 2015

Nonprofit organizations can advance their missions and increase their impact by strategically engaging in public policy advocacy. This can take a variety of forms, including lobbying, grassroots engagement, coalition building, issue organizing, participating in regulatory activities, professional networking, and developing ongoing working partnerships with government agency representatives. Learn strategies, tactics and the “rules of the road” from an exciting line-up of speakers and local experts.

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Health Care Reform and the Nonprofit Sector: What Happened and What's Next?

December 5, 2014

Emerging Issues in the Nonprofit Sector is a series of nonprofit knowledge and resourcesharing events designed to bring University at Albany (UAlbany) faculty, students, staff and community leaders and experts together to:

  • Identify and discuss nonprofit sector issues and concerns
  • Share knowledge and expertise and identify issues requiring further research and education
  • Coordinate the development and dissemination of knowledge

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Fundraising for Social Change

October 31, 2014

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to fund social change projects, especially in these tough economic times. Beyond grant writing, what strategies can social change and advocacy nonprofits use to raise revenue while also building support for their missions? How can all nonprofits succeed during challenging economic times? Keynote speaker, Kim Klein, Klein and Roth Consulting, Oakland, CA, is an internationally known speaker, author of five books (including Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times), and founder of the Nonprofit Fundraising Journal.

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Optimizing the Impact of Information and Communications Technology
in Nonprofit Organizations

Friday May 9, 2014

With the global economic recession, nonprofit organizations throughout the world have had to respond more rapidly to changing conditions in the economic, social, technological and political environments in which they operate. These pressures have renewed emphasis on the need to be more responsive to stakeholder needs and to be more efficient, effective and accountable. One of the major tools with the potential for providing help in doing this is information and communications technology (ICT).

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Don't Get Burned — Seminar on Fraud Detection and Prevention
for the Nonprofit Sector

Monday, March 24, 2014

This training seminar offered by the New York State Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) seeks to educate nonprofit staff and board members on how to prevent and detect fraud within their organizations.

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Performance Measurement and Management in Nonprofit Organizations

December 13, 2013

As the nonprofit sector has grown in size and economic importance, so too has demand for nonprofit organizations to demonstrate they are having a positive impact on the communities they serve and have the capacity to improve. What public policy changes are "on the horizon" and how can performance measurement and management be used to help nonprofit organizations thrive and grow?

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The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Nonprofit Community

November 15, 2013

Topic and Overview: As the enrollment period to obtain health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begins, nonprofit organizations in New York State are under considerable pressure to ensure employees, clients, and the people in the communities they serve obtain access to health insurance. But directing people to health insurance exchanges to obtain health coverage is only part of the process. What is the Affordable Care Act and how will it affect nonprofit organizations?

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Governance in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector: Overcoming the Issues That Challenge the Performance of Nonprofit Boards

Friday, May 10, 2013

Topic and Overview: The governance function in the nonprofit sector is of critical importance in keeping it in touch with the communities it serves and ensuring that the organizations achieve their missions. What are the greatest challenges to the effectiveness of Boards of Directors and how can they be overcome? How has the practice of self-assessment helped boards achieve higher levels of performance?

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Mergers, Collaborations, and Partnerships

Friday, April 12, 2013

Today in America, nonprofits are under increasing pressure to consolidate their services through mergers and partnerships, as well as to engage in more coordination and collaboration. But this is easier said than done. How and why should these actions be pursued and what makes them succeed or fail?

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