2001 Headlines

(January 2001) USAID Awards $17.26 Million to UAlbany's CLD to Strengthen Municipal Institutions in Lebanon

(January 4, 2001) Butler Named Distinguished Librarian by SUNY Trustees

(January 11, 2001) Two UAlbany Professors Receive SUNY's Highest Honor

(January 12, 2001) UAlbany Professor Elected Chair of Prestigious Association

(January 26, 2001) 6-Lecture Series Addresses Conflicts in Democracies

January 26, 2001) Harvard Professor to Give Lecture at UAlbany

(January 30, 2001) UAlbany Hosts Community Service Fair

(January 30, 2001) UAlbany Official Among Governor's First-Ever African American Leaders in Excellence Award Winners

(February 2, 2001) European Biotech Company to Locate at UAlbany East Campus

(February 7, 2001) UAlbany to Award Honorary Degree to Congressman, Civil Rights Activist John Lewis

(February 8, 2001) UAlbany to Present Sexuality Week in Memory of Matthew Shepard

(February 12, 2001) UAlbany Gives Special Award to Tech Valley Communications Founder and President Larry A. Davis

(February 21, 2001) Korean Studies at UAlbany Intensifies with $135,000 Grant

(February 28, 2001) Spring 2001 Season of Natural History Lecture Series Begins at UAlbany

(February 28, 2001) Artist Simmie Knox, Named to Paint Official Clinton Portrait, Now Completing UAlbany Commission of H. Patrick Swygert

(March 1, 2001) 2000 Census Continues 60-Year Trend of Undercounting Nation's Poorest Children

(March 12, 2001) Census 2000 Shows Residential Segregation of Minorities Remains High

(March 13, 2001) Hispanic population grows - and grows more separate - in Texas

(March 15, 2001) How to Keep Good Teachers in New York's Urban Schools? Two UAlbany Researchers Newly Funded to Find a Way

(March 19, 2001) UAlbany to Build on Success of Chinese/MBA Program With New Freeman Foundation Scholarships

(March 22, 2001) Capital Region Youths Vie for Upstate New York Junior Science Prize

(March 27, 2001) School of Public Health Official Joins National Panel Addressing Shortage of Health Care Workers

March 28, 2001) Deloitte & Touche Executives Welcome Alma Mater UAlbany and its President to Stamford

(March 30, 2001) The Limits of the California Melting Pot

(March 30, 2001) UAlbany's Logan Among Leading Social Scientists To Present Detailed Analysis of 2000 Census Figures

(April 3, 2001) Latino and Sephardic Expert to Lecture at UAlbany

(April 11, 2001) Sol Wachtler to Speak on 'Rage to Punish' Mentally Disturbed

(April 11, 2001) University at Albany Foundation Names Citizens Laureate

(April 11, 2001) University at Albany Announces New Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

(April 12, 2001) "Beyond PCBs: Future Challenges and Promises for the Hudson" is Topic of UAlbany's Next Hudson River Environmental Forum

(April 16, 2001) UAlbany Establishes New School of Nanosciences and Materials

(April 17, 2001) UAlbany is Destination for Many Westchester County Grads

(April 26, 2001) UAlbany to Present Music of William Grant Still, Dean of African American Composers

(May 7, 2001) Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to Receive Award from UAlbany

(May 8, 2001) UAlbany Professor Awarded Prestigious Fellowship from Institute of Peace

(May 11, 2001) After a Decade, UAlbany Commencement Returns to Campus for Commencement 2001 Weekend

(May 18, 2001) Future is Bright for UAlbany Grads

(May 21, 2001) UAlbany Signs Agreement of Cooperation with Korea's Kangwon National University

(May 24, 2001) A University Pays Unprecedented Tribute to its Military Veterans

(May 25, 2001) UAlbany School of Criminal Justice Produces Field's Most Frequently Published Scholars

June 5, 2001) Hannan Research Shows that Risk Factors Predict Patient Survival and Ability to Function After Hip Fracture

June 7, 2001) UAlbany's Lee McElroy Appointed to NCAA Management Council, Director of Athletics will serve as Division I-AAA At-Large Member

June 12, 2001) Former Health Policy Counsel to Senator Connie Mack Appointed New Dean at UAlbany School of Public Health

June 28, 2001) UAlbany Vice President for Research Appointed to National Advisory Group on Industrial Research

July 5, 2001) Mumford Center Sheds New Light on Immigrant Enclaves in Metropolitan Areas, 1990-2000

July 12, 2001) Millionaire Next Door Co-Author Honors Parents, Rewards Young Philanthropists, with 'Golden Rule' Award

July 16, 2001) 8th Annual Initiatives For Women Awards Celebration at UAlbany

July 26, 2001) University Begins Construction of New Student Housing

July 31, 2001) Federal TRIO Program Reaches Out to UAlbany Students

August 29, 2001) UAlbany Offers Best Value for Tuition Dollar

September 6, 2001) Worldwide Semiconductor Leaders Examine Economics Roadmap for the 300-mm and Nanotechnology Era at Albany Symposium on Lake George, Sept. 10-12

September 11, 2001) Pataki Says the Road to the Semiconductor Superhighway Points through New York

September 14, 2001) UAlbany Faculty Available to Share Expertise About "Attack on America"

September 28, 2001) UAlbany's School of Public Health Names Recipients of Axelrod Fellowships

September 5, 2002) Senator Bruno Announces $22.5 Million for GEN*NY*SIS Biotech Project at UAlbany East Campus

October 9, 2001) UAlbany Inaugurates Jewish Studies Lunch & Learn Program

October 9, 2001) UAlbany Psychologists Named Associates of Prestigious National Center

October 10, 2001) Wall Street Journal Names UAlbany One of "This Fall's Hot Schools"

October 11, 2001) SUNY Learning Network Earns National Award; UAlbany Serves as Largest Provider of Graduate Courses

October 17, 2001) UAlbany Celebrates Volunteerism With "Make a Difference Day"

October 22, 2001) UAlbany Advertising Campaign Highlights Extraordinary Research and Teaching

October 26, 2001) UAlbany Psychologist Authors New Book on Stress in Policing

November 13 , 2001) UAlbany Launches $100 Million Life Sciences Research Initiative

November 21 , 2001) UAlbany's Downtown Campus Gives Alumni Awards, "Mayor" of the Pentagon to be Keynote Speaker

November 26 , 2001) UAlbany's Downtown Campus Gives Alumni Awards, "Mayor" of the Pentagon to be Keynote Speaker

November 28 , 2001) UA Researcher to Examine if Local Efforts to Improve Science Instruction are Compatible with State's New Standards

December 2001) University at Albany’s School of Public Health Names Nova Panebianco As Axelrod Fellowship Winner

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