Faculty and Advisors

How will students who transfer to CNSE at SUNY Poly, but continue to take UAlbany classes, be identified in PeopleSoft?

As any other student who transfers out, UAlbany program/plan will be discontinued and a general studies or visiting plan opened if taking classes here.

If a SUNY Poly and/or UAlbany faculty member needs to report a UAlbany undergraduate or graduate student for a violation of academic integrity, e.g., plagiarism, cheating, etc., where should the report be filed?

The report should be filed with either the UAlbany Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education or Vice Provost for Graduate Education That office will follow the same procedures and protocol as for all UAlbany classes.

For a UAlbany student enrolled in undergraduate programs in nanoscale science and engineering, what policies exists for academic standing and academic dismissal?

Any UAlbany student who is dismissed from UAlbany should follow the University’s procedure for appealing academic dismissal. If reinstated, the student should consult with the advisors and faculty at SUNY Poly for relevant appeals for reinstatement into the undergraduate majors.