Financial Aid and Student Loans

I’m an incoming UAlbany undergraduate student and have received a scholarship from CNSE but it is not on my financial aid award letter. How can I get an updated award letter?

You can either fax a copy of your scholarship notification to the Office of Financial Aid at (518) 442-5295 or email it to Financial Aid will follow up with both Undergraduate Admissions and CNSE to confirm your eligibility.

Will I continue to receive all of my undergraduate scholarships once CNSE joins SUNY Poly?

If you remain a UAlbany student, your funding will continue as you receive it now. If you transfer to CNSE at SUNY Poly, your funding will continue through SUNY Poly. Students will be advised of options available to them as the transition continues.

As a UAlbany student in the BS in nanoscale science or the BS in nanoscale engineering programs, in addition to the federal and state financial aid I’m receiving, will I also receive CNSE funds?

CNSE will notify students directly if they will be receiving funds from CNSE. Should CNSE funds be awarded, they will be incorporated into your UAlbany financial aid package. If necessary, adjustments will be made to stay within the 2014-15 cost of attendance.

If I matriculate at UAlbany (undergraduate or graduate) and decide to transfer to CNSE at SUNY Poly, do I need to do anything about my federal student loans?

Your federal loans cannot be transferred automatically from UAlbany to SUNY Poly. You will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at SUNY Poly to arrange for new loans. Although you are technically transferring to a new university, you will not have to begin paying off the student loans you borrowed while attending UAlbany as long as you are at least a half-time student at SUNY Poly. Once you have made the decision to transfer to SUNY Poly, please notify the Financial Aid Office at UAlbany of your decision and contact the Financial Aid Office at SUNY Poly to discuss next steps for applying for financial aid.