What’s going on with CNSE?

CNSE is transitioning from an affiliation with the University at Albany to an affiliation with SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica, NY. To achieve this, SUNY IT is working with the SUNY system, the State Education Department, and its accreditor Middle States, to obtain authorization to offer degree programs in nanoscale science and engineering, as well as offering academic programs at CNSE’s Fuller Road location. The transition also entails shifting all of the administrative functions and personnel from UAlbany to SUNY IT. The transition is expected to last about 6-12 months. The new institution will be known as “SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly)."

When CNSE fully transitions, what is going to happen?

When the transition is complete, CNSE will be a part of a new “SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly)” and will begin to offer SUNY Poly degree programs in nanoscale science or nanoscale engineering. For a period of time, UAlbany will continue to offer those same degree programs (same classes, same faculty) to current UAlbany students -- until the last student seeking a UAlbany degree completes his/her program. UAlbany will not admit new students into the nanoscale science or nanoscale engineering programs after fall 2014.

  • For students who matriculated at UAlbany and choose to remain in their nanoscale science or nanoscale engineering programs at UAlbany, there will be no changes. These students will have the same rights and responsibilities as any other UAlbany student. 
  • For students who are admitted to, or transfer to, nanoscale science or nanoscale engineering programs at SUNY Poly, the SUNY Poly procedures and graduation requirements will apply. Provisions are being made to provide general education courses, housing, meal plans, selected medical services, recreation, and selected transportation services to CNSE/SUNYIT students enrolled in programs in nanoscale science or nanoscale engineering at the CNSE campus. While the date is not yet known, we expect that SUNY Poly will be able to consider applications for admission or transfer in January of 2015.

Students will be informed about their options throughout this transition process.

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