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TomekStrzalkowskiTomek  Strzalkowski

Associate Professor
College of Computing and Information
Department: Computer Science

Expertise: Information intelligence and tracking information about terrorists

Campus phone: (518) 442-2608
Campus email:

Head of UAlbany's Institute for Informatics, Tomek Strzalkowski is an expert on information intelligence and tracking information about terrorists. He is building an automated question-answering system that will help analysts flesh out seemingly unrelated information surrounding a problem; when added together, these facts may yield hypotheses not considered before. "I am building an application for the intelligence community for people whose job it is to look at information coming from anywhere that may impact national security. Essentially it means being a detective, a Sherlock Holmes, and remembering a piece you read a week ago. This is where computers can help: computers can remember things forever and make the connections," says Strzalkowski.