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LeonardSlade Jr.Leonard A.  Slade Jr.

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Africana Studies
Adjunct Professor
Department: English
Collins Fellow

Expertise: Black literature; black history; black poetry; and 19th century American literature, particularly author Herman Melville

Campus phone: (518) 442-4726
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Leonard A. Slade Jr. is a professor of Africana Studies and adjunct professor of English. Slade is the past director of the Doctor of Arts in Humanistic Studies Program and past director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program.

Slade, a Citizens Academic Laureate and a Collins Fellow, is the editor of Black Essays (1995), a collection of outstanding short pieces by African American critics and scholars, and has been published in Essence, U.S. News and World Report, Ebony, The American Poetry Review, and other publications. Slade is the author of 18 books, including twelve books of poetry, including The Beauty of Blackness (1989), and Another Black Voice: A Different Drummer (1988).

Slade has conducted poetry readings at The Ohio State University, the University of Missouri, the University of Kentucky, the University of Virginia, the University of Illinois, Tufts University, Duke University and Harvard among others.

His research interests include black American poetry, black essays, George Moses Horton (first black poet of the South), and l9th century American literature, particularly author Herman Melville.