Faculty Experts

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James Acker

James Acker
School of Criminal Justice
Distinguished Teaching Professor

Expert in the following: The death penalty; history of capital punishment in the United States and New York

Campus phone: (518) 442-5317
Campus email: acker@albany.edu

Richard Hamm

Richard Hamm
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: History
Department: Chair

Expert in the following: Temperance movement; crime and trials; civil liberties
Campus phone: (518) 442-5305
Campus email: hamm@albany.edu

Ted Stein
School of Social Welfare

Expert in the following: Child welfare; child abuse; child neglect; foster care; out-of-home care; adoption; family court; family law; child protective services
Campus phone: (518) 442-5303
Campus email: tjstein@csc.albany.edu