ExcelleShare at the University at Albany’s Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness is an innovative program aimed at adults aged 55+ who have experience in the public and private sectors. ExcelleShare partners with community organizations, the public sector, and the business community to develop capacity building projects that match ExcelleShare volunteers 55+ with enriching service opportunities that strengthen the local service sector and our communities. Organizations build capacity through projects that are implemented and evaluated by ExcelleShare volunteers thereby expand the ability for organizations to more effectively and efficiently achieve mission driven goals and outcomes. ExcelleShare partnerships through the Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness seek to make the most effective use of the growing and valuable resource of mature adults seeking significant service opportunities.

Contact: Lauren Benoit

Phone: (518) 442-5585
Email: lferretti@albany.edu
Website: http://ceacw.org/projects/excelleshare/
School, college, division or unit: School of Social Welfare
Partners: National Council on Aging