Center for Nanoscale Lithography (CNL)

The Center for NanoScale Lithography (CNL)is designed to act as a world-class resource for advanced research and development in emerging nanoscale lithography techniques, such as electron-beam lithography. The mission of the center is several-fold: to provide advanced patterning capabilities to university and global corporate partners within the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering’s Albany NanoTech complex for the creation of diverse nanoscale patterns; to extend the state of the art in e-beam optics and lithography through a close working relationship between CNSE and Vistec Lithography; and to establish a world-class center for research and education in nanometer-scale bottom-up lithography.

Contact: Kristin Haacker
Phone: (518) 956-7415
School, college, division or unit: College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Partners: Vistec Lithography