Boris Goldfarb

An expert in pure mathematics in applications of algebraic K-theory and algebraic surgery.

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Boris Goldfarb

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Mathematics and Statistics

Algebraic and geometric topology, geometric group theory, algebraic K-theory, topological
data analysis, applications of topology in artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Goldfarb received his PhD in Mathematics from Cornell University in 1996. Before joining the University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 1998, he was a Szegö Assistant Professor at Stanford University.

Goldfarb’s area of expertise in pure mathematics is in applications of algebraic K-theory and algebraic surgery to the study of high-dimensional topological manifolds. These geometric structures appear as strata in most real-life models in science, engineering, and finance. He participated in a number of recent breakthroughs in this active area of mathematics. As an extension of this activity, Goldfarb is conducting research in topological data analysis which leverages achievements in algebraic topology in developing geometric techniques for data science. This includes visualization as well as feature generation for machine learning.

Goldfarb has given plenary and semi-plenary talks at international conferences; his research received support from NSF and UAlbany FRAP.