Feng Chen

Computer scientist studies how complex patterns can be discovered in Big Data

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Feng Chen

Assistant Professor
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Department: Computer Science

Data mining; detecting emerging events in social media; discovering complex patterns in big data

Campus phone: (518) 437-4940
Campus email: fchen5@albany.edu


Assistant Professor of Computer Science Feng Chen studies how complex patterns can be discovered in Big Data.

Big attributed networks (BANs) are ever-present in the modern world, with social media, computer networks, biological networks and enterprise systems among well-known examples. Chen's research explores the advances in sensing and computing techniques that have led to a need for massive quantities of data to be aggregated from various information sources in fields such as science, engineering, and business that are naturally modeled in the form of big attributed networks.

His goal is to develop a unified, theoretical framework for discovering complex patterns in big data in a multitude of tasks. In 2018, Chen received a prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award to examine this issue.

Chen graduated from the Discovery Analytics Center (DAC) at Virginia Tech with a Ph.D. in computer science in 2012, and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Event and Pattern Detection Laboratory and the iLab at Carnegie Mellon University, before he joined UAlbany in 2014.