Hillary Wiener

Expert in marketing strategies and research, with a focus on how people use products to connect with others.

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Hillary Wiener

Assistant Professor
School of Business
Department: Marketing

Marketing; marketing research; marketing strategy; consumer behavior; consumer psychology; marketing and social relationships; friendship formation; conversation; gift-giving; social support; emoji.

Campus phone: (518) 956-8339
Campus email: hwiener@albany.edu


Hillary Wiener is an assistant professor of marketing within the School of Business. Her research focuses on how people can use products to connect with others. In one stream of research, she examines the consequences of asking people about the products (i.e. clothing or decorative objects in the home or office) that they publically display and showing how people frequently use these products to make new friends. In another stream of research, she examines when and why people give gifts in response to negative events in others’ lives and the relationship between gift-giving and social support.

Wiener teaches marketing strategy using the case-based method and marketing research using a combination of traditional classroom methods and experiential learning. In marketing research, all students complete a marketing research consulting project, collecting survey data from the customers and clients of a local business or non-profit to answer one of the organization's authentic business questions.

Wiener received her Ph.D. in marketing from Duke University.