Kara Sulia

Scientist in the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center with focus on ice crystal growth and development

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Kara Sulia

Research Associate
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

Cloud Physics; Ice/Snow Microphysics; Crystal Growth Theory; Model Development; Simulated Polarimetric Radar Analysis

Campus phone: 518-437-8755
Campus email: ksulia@albany.edu


As a research associate in atmospheric science, Kara Sulia’s research involves the understanding and parameterization development of ice crystal growth theory and associated microphysical processes in mixed-phase or cold (sub-freezing) clouds. This research is intended to improve the representation of ice crystals in ice-containing clouds, which influences the prediction of clouds and precipitation in research and forecasting models.

Sulia joined the University’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center in the Fall 2014. In addition to the primary research focus in ice microphysical parameterization development, Sulia is actively involved in the Center’s Extreme Collaboration, Innovation, and Technology (xCITE) laboratory as the science and innovation lead, which uses software development and data analytics to bridge the gap between atmospheric science and computer science.

In addition to scientists and students at UAlbany, Sulia actively collaborates with external scientists, including those at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Penn State University, and the University of Wyoming.

Sulia received her B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Meteorology from Penn State University and completed postdoctoral studies at Princeton University associated with the NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Following her postdoctoral studies, Sulia became a research assistant professor at UAlbany.