Roberta Johnson

Studies upper atmospheric dynamics, space weather and solar-terrestrial coupling

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Roberta Johnson

Clinical Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Upper atmospheric dynamics; space weather; education and outreach programs

Campus phone: 442-4561
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Dr. Johnson's research has focused on upper atmospheric and lower thermospheric dynamics in high latitude regions, with an emphasis on space weather and solar terrestrial coupling. Since 1995 she has been very active in education and outreach programs.

She served a decade as the founding Director of Education and Outreach at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Prior to that, she was a research scientist at the University of Michigan, the Director of the Michigan Space Grant Consortium, and a Research Physicist at SRI International.

Johnson regularly serves as an advisor on education, cyber-learning, and diversity to federal agencies, international organizations, and professional societies. She has offered hundreds of professional development workshops (in-person as well as on-line courses and web seminars) for teachers, reaching thousands of teachers annually.

She conceived of and has led the development of Windows to the Universe since its inception, reaching well over 100 million users since the project began.

Johnson has done extensive work on climate change education (as well as the use of modeling in the classroom) for the public, students, and educators since 1997 through development of online educational resources, exhibits, lectures, publications, and workshop.