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UAlbany In The News

by Lisa James Goldsberry

The September 14 issue of The Buffalo News featured a profile of UAlbany’s Pulitzer Prize-winning author WILLIAM KENNEDY. “William Kennedy Discusses his Characters, His Influences and His Albany” focused on Kennedy’s novels. The article states that Kennedy has done for Albany what Dickens did for London and Faulkner for Jackson, Miss. Kennedy was quoted as saying, “The New York State Writers Institute has had a success nobody would have predicted, especially me.” About his work, Kennedy said, “I’ve deceived myself so well that my fictional Albany now spins in a cosmos that never was, but which I understand in ways I never understood the real city in which I was raised and have lived much of my life.” The article covered the history of Kennedy’s cycle of Albany novels filled with hoboes, actresses, and politicians.

The September 21 issue of the Denver Post featured quotes from HANS TOCH, a professor of criminal justice. The article “The Animals” discussed a unique recruitment and training program started in 1986 by the Denver Police Department to fight skyrocketing crime. While establishing a reputation for toughness, the class has also had the most police shootings in decades. Toch, who has studied Denver police shootings and testified at several trials that resulted from them, was quoted as saying, “One possibility is that this is just an ill-fated class.” He added, “Or they merely ran into a disproportionate number of incidents.” Fourteen officers from the class have been involved in the wounding or deaths of 14 people, 13 of them by gunfire.

The September 22 issue of The Boston Globe mentioned a study done by the CENTER FOR WOMEN IN GOVERNMENT & CIVIL SOCIETY. The article “Howard B. Dean, Candidate in the Making: Meteoric Rise in Vermont Politics, Younger Sibling’s Death May Have Been Catalyst” was a profile of the current presidential candidate. According to the report, in 1998, 62.5 percent of policy leader positions in Vermont were held by women, which was a higher percentage than in any other state. It also focused on the jobs that have been and continue to be done by the women on Dean’s staff.

The September 29 issue of the Los Angeles Times featured a profile of UAlbany alumni LOUISE KRASNIEWICZ (Ph.D. ’88) and MICHAEL BLITZ (B.A. ’80, D.A. ’86). The article “Arnold Hits the Halls of Academe: Two Scholars Have a Curious Specialty, Schwarzenegger Studies” focuses on their study of the actorrole in popular culture. The article describes how, while both were doctoral students at UAlbany in the mid-1980s, the phrase “Hasta la vista, baby” became part of the American lexicon. “Schwarzenegger became a bridge between their disciplines (anthropology and English), the topic of a long-running conversation and the cement of their friendship,” the article says. Krasniewicz is now a research associate at the School of American Research in New Mexico, and Blitz is chair of “thematic studies” at John Jay College in New York.

A May 27 broadcast on WTEN-TV featured JOSEPH BOWMAN of the School of Education talking about UAlbany’s two-week Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) for middle and high school students. The program was also featured in an article in the July 10 issue of the Albany Times Union. The article, “Students Take a Step Into a Larger World,” mentioned that this is the first year STEP has been held on UAlbany’s campus. In a rare triple play, the July 15 broadcast of WNYT-TV’s newscast also included a piece about the program. News of the program also reached the World Wide Web. The Center for Digital Education has an article on its “Inside the Arena” page, as well.



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