Lawrence Wittner

Studies U.S. foreign policy, nuclear arms control, and the history of peace movements

The World Within Reach
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Lawrence Wittner

Professor Emeritus
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: History

U.S. foreign policy; nuclear weapons policy; nuclear arms control and disarmament; peace movements; peace activism

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Professor of History Emeritus Lawrence S. Wittner is the author or editor of thirteen books, primarily on issues of foreign policy and world peace, including Rebels Against War (Columbia University Press, 1969, Temple University Press, 1984), Cold War America (Praeger Publishers, 1974; Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1978), American Intervention in Greece (Columbia University Press, 1982), the award-winning trilogy The Struggle Against the Bomb (Stanford University Press, 2003), Confronting the Bomb (Stanford University Press, 2009), and Working for Peace and Justice (University of Tennessee Press, 2012).

In addition, Wittner has served as president of the Peace History Society, as co-editor of the journal Peace & Change, and as a national council member of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations.