Bruce Svare

Studies performance enhancing drugs and professionalization of youth athletes

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Bruce Svare

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Psychology

Steroid abuse among athletes (Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school, youth); early specialization and professionalization of young athletes; overemphasis on winning; material rewards (e.g., athletics scholarships and professional contracts); academic corruption in high schools and colleges; increasing of performance enhancing drugs; declining sportsmanship; violence exhibited by athletes, coaches, parents, and fans; media coverage of young athletes; sports gambling; Title IX; increasing abandonment of intramural, recreational, and fitness-based needs of kids; rising obesity; increasing incidents of sports injury, burnout, and overtraining of young athletes

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Bruce Svare is director of the National Institute for Sports Reform, a not for profit organization that serves as a think tank, research center, information clearinghouse, consultant, and advocate for sports reform.

Svare has specialized for more than 30 years in the study of anabolic steroids, has authored more than 70 scientific papers in leading professional journals and has written numerous books and book chapters in the field of behavioral neuroscience.

He served on the National Institute on Drug Abuse Technical Review Panel on Steroid Abuse and has been a recipient of research grants from NIDA, NSF, NIMH, NIA, and the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.

Svare has lectured nationally and internationally on the topic of anabolic steroid abuse. He has extensive experience as a coach and sports administrator for athletes of many different ages from the youth to the elite amateur level.