Jun Wang

Developed a tiny, edible QR Code to validate medication.

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Jun Wang

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Chemistry

Analytical biochemistry; forensic analysis; microarray; multiplexing; single-cell analysis; biosensor; signaling; systems biology; cancer diagnosis

Campus phone: (518) 442-4412
Campus email: [email protected]

Jun Wang is an assistant chemistry professor at UAlbany. His research focuses on the use of microtechnology – specifically bar codes - for disease diagnostics and forensic investigation. He’s received national media attention, including a feature in Smithsonian Magazine, for his MicroQR Code innovation to help fight the fake pharmaceutical industry.

Prior to joining UAlbany in 2014, Wang received postdoctoral training in the Department of Chemistry and the NanoSystems Biology Cancer Center at the California Institute of Technology. He worked with Professor James Heath to develop a one-step, self-powered blood chip and 2D barcode microarray technology for single-cell proteomics.

Wang obtained his Ph.D. in Biological Engineering in 2009 from Purdue University. He’s won several industry awards including the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation’s prize for scientific innovation.