Rick C. Mathews

Studies homeland security, infrastructure protection, intelligence, counter-terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and emergency preparedness

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Rick C. Mathews

Public Service Professor
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy
Department: Public Administration and Policy

Homeland security; infrastructure protection; intelligence; counter-terrorism and terrorism interdiction; information sharing; weapons of mass destruction; critical decision making; facility and systems security; emergency preparedness

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Rick Mathews has been involved in the broad emergency preparedness/response and homeland security enterprise for over forty years during which time he has served in leadership, management and educational capacities, in addition to his consulting practice.

Much of Rick’s career has involved pioneering activities where he has led the efforts to establish EMS services, risk management divisions, and two homeland security related centers at the University at Albany: The National Center for Security & Preparedness (NCSP) and the Center for Global Security & Preparedness (CGSP).

Prior to UAlbany, Rick served as an Assistant Director for Research and Development at the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training / Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education at LSU. His work at LSU included a leadership role in reorganizing the center where he established the R&D division, which was responsible for the development of a significant number of national training curricula dealing with counter-terrorism, bioterrorism, and various other training programs.

Rick operates his own consulting practice, Mathews Group, LCC. It focuses on a solutions-based consulting practice as well as a training development program that will meet the needs of not only the public sector, but also the security, safety, and preparedness needs of the private sector who own or operate a significant portion of the critical infrastructure in the United States and around the globe.

 Rick and his wife make their home in Glenmont, N.Y.