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L-LC Students Kick off New Semester with Annual Day of Service
More than 250 first-year students volunteered their time last weekend to assist local organizations as part of an annual Day of Service hosted by the university's Living-Learning Communities.
UAlbany Recognized Among Best Colleges for Student Voting
The University was honored for its consistent and transparent commitment to increasing voting among students.
Studying the Shape of Gum Disease: $2.3 Million Grant Aids Research into New Bacterial Target for Dental Treatments
University at Albany scientists in the departments of biology and mathematics are using RNA sequencing to study the role of dental plaque in the progression of periodontal disease.
School of Ed Research Reveals Strategies to Retain School Bus Drivers
Amid a growing shortage of school bus drivers nationwide, new research out of the University at Albany’s Department of Educational Policy & Leadership explores what it would take to keep existing drivers in their jobs for the long haul.
Keeping the Campus Humming: A Q&A with Michael Vadney
Some 425 physical plant workers — including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, painters, masons, grounds crew and custodians — are charged with maintaining UAlbany's 500-acre campus. Interim Director of Physical Plant Michael Vadney tells us what that's like.
Study Reveals How Prehistoric Humans Simplified the World’s Food Webs
Research conducted with the help of a University at Albany anthropologist has revealed the cascading effects that humans have had on mammal declines and their food webs over the last 130,000 years, a new study in the journal Science shows.
UAlbany Conducts Largest Study on COVID-19 Symptoms & Deaths Among U.S. Healthcare Workers
Healthcare workers who died of COVID-19 in the early waves of the pandemic were disproportionately male, over 50 years old and of Black or Asian descent.