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CHWS Report: Dental Therapists Improve Outcomes for Patients
The Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) at UAlbany's School of Public Health recently assessed the satisfaction of clinical providers, organizational administrators, and patients with dental therapists working at Apple Tree Dental in Minnesota, the first US state to authorize dental therapy practice statewide. They found that dentists can work more effectively and efficiently when teamed with a dental therapist, while patient satisfaction was also greatly improved.
A May Grad Advances to a Year in Cambodia through a Fulbright Award
Maya Lee follows up an outstanding academic career with a lifelong wish fulfilled.
Diversity Transformation Awards help promote equity at University
The awards, through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, offer microgrants for programs designed to promote greater equity for populations that have historically underrepresented, underserved or marginalized.
5 Questions with Stephen Conard, Continuity & Emergency Manager
Conard has been on the front lines of UAlbany’s COVID-19 response since the start of the pandemic.
New Fieldwork Semester in Kenya Offers Unique Immersion into Research and Culture
Starting this fall, UAlbany anthropology students will have access to a transformative study of human origins and evolution in Kenya: The Origins Field School.
School of Business Alum Launches New Internship Program for UAlbany Students at American Express
He recruited four undergraduate students, two at the School of Business and two at the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity, as interns this summer.
Landmark Study Reveals Extreme Levels of Exposure to Violence for Street Outreach Workers
Community violence intervention workers perform a vital role responding to and diffusing violence , but face violence themselves.