Urban Experts

Ray Bromley, Ph.D.
Geography & Planning
Professor Emeritus
Areas of expertise: Urban planning, Regional planning, Urban development, Urban renewal, Community development, Housing policy, Neighborhood decline, Neighborhood revitalization, Abandoned buildings, Fire tragedies, Micro-enterprise, Micro-credit, Retail markets, Street vendors, Peru, Colombia
Geography & Planning
Associate Professor Emeritus
Areas of expertise: Urban, city, district, and regional planning, Anthropology, Economics, Public Health
Angie Chung
Sociology, East Asian Studies
Areas of expertise: Immigration, Asian Americans/ Korean Americans, Race and ethnicity, Community and urban sociology, Gender and family
Samantha Friedman
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Residential segregation, Racial and ethnic disparities in housing and neighborhood quality, Immigration
Walter Little
Anthropology, Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies
Chair and Professor
Areas of expertise: Cultures, Cultural heritage, Diversity, Economics, Indigenous peoples and languages of the Americas, Mesoamerica, Latin America, Popular Culture, Tourism, Urban studies
Johana Londoño
Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Areas of expertise: Latino Studies, Urban studies, Barrios, Comparative ethnic studies, Race and ethnicity in US Cities, The cultural politics of urban design