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National Center for Security & Preparedness

Our Solutions

Instructor works with students on a GIS program in a classroom
Managing Evolving Risk

Emergency management and homeland security leaders must be able to address a vast array of hazards. We help leaders analyze the risks associated with these hazards, make and communicate effective decisions, and adapt their operations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Severe Weather Decision-Making
  • Disaster Mental Health and Workforce Resilience
  • Pandemic Decision-Making and Response
  • Crisis Leadership and Communication
  • Active Shooter and Complex Coordinated Attack Response
  • Emergency Management and Response Operations
  • Business Continuity
Integrating Emerging Technology

We help emergency management and homeland security leaders assess the impact of emerging technology and drive the change needed to mobilize it into their operations.

Here are some of the things we're thinking about:

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Robotics
  • Social Media and Crisis Communication
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Decision-Making
  • IT Systems Resilience
Expert working with emergency manager on UAS flight
Expert talking students through a scenario on a simulation board
Tackling Systemic Inequality

As we increase diversity within our field, we expand our creativity and better reflect the communities we serve. As we combat the impacts of systemic inequality, we mitigate a vulnerability our adversaries are actively exploiting. We see tackling these issues as both the right thing to do and a national security imperative.

Here are some of the programs we've been involved in:

  • Police Reform and Reinvention
  • Bias and Decision-Making
  • CEHC's Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Program
Preparing Future Leaders

The NCSP has a deep tradition of helping students make the critical connection between what they're learning in the classroom with the challenges they will face in the field. As part of CEHC and the wider UAlbany community, our goal is for students to be ready to make an impact on day one.

The NCSP is currently home to two student-led, expert-guided teams: the Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) and Student Support Team (SST). The Center's student opportunities complement CEHC's cutting-edge academic programs, designed to prepare the next generation of leaders in critical areas.

NCSP alumni have gone on to join some of the most influential agencies and companies in the field, including the NYC Office of Emergency Management, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, NYS Executive Chamber, NYS Department of Health, NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Deloitte, Guidehouse, AccuWeather, MSA Security, and the Center for Internet Security.

Students sitting around a table with computers analyzing pandemic data

Our People

Jayson Kratoville, MPA | Interim Director

Jayson Kratoville, MPA | Interim Director

Jayson Kratoville leads the NCSP’s efforts to help people, organizations, and communities adapt to evolving risk. He has over 10 years of experience building teams, running programs, and managing systemic change. He is focused on connecting the Center’s successful approach to emerging challenges in new areas, including severe weather, mental health, and pandemic response.

Jayson has been with the NCSP since 2011. He led a team of 250+ to deliver 100+ training deliveries per year and develop new courses, including leadership, advanced rescue task force, and unmanned aircraft systems. Jayson also established processes, systems, and structures to manage the Center's early growth. During that time, the Center built a statewide residential and mobile training program at the NY State Preparedness Training Center. The NCSP team drove a 385% increase in enrollment and developed 20+ new emergency preparedness courses focused on innovation and transformation.

Jayson is also proud to have contributed to CEHC's creation and ongoing advancement. Since it was founded in 2016, CEHC has become one of the fastest-growing programs in the SUNY system. Jayson is currently an adjunct faculty member helping students connect project management and technology solutions to real-world challenges.

Jayson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Public Administration in Homeland Security and Information Strategy & Management from the University at Albany’s Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

Derek Morrison, MBA | Special Assistant to the Director

Derek Morrison, MBA | Special Assistant to the Director

Derek Morrison is a seasoned project manager and risk management specialist. He builds teams and processes that are reliable and resilient in the long term.

Derek is passionate about creating impactful solutions that begin with effective planning, infrastructure, and organizational habits. He brings over 15 years of experience in risk assessment, project management, and open-source intelligence. In his current role, he is leading projects related to severe weather risk management, social media monitoring, COVID-19 response, and organizational development.

Derek previously worked on statewide economic development and public integrity as a Senior Policy Advisor and Chief Research Analyst within the New York State Executive Chamber. Before that, he served in various roles at the NCSP, including Deputy Section Chief for Training and Project Management. Derek managed staff and subject-matter experts to build courses on the terrorist attack cycle, illicit drugs, open-source intelligence, and integrated active shooter response. He was also instrumental in the construction of the NCSP’s training development and delivery processes, including SIMCELL operations. Before joining the NCSP, Derek served in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years, including three deployments as an all-source intelligence analyst in Iraq, Afghanistan, other Middle East countries, and Europe.

Derek holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Business Administration from the University at Albany. He is also trained in data management, business intelligence systems, social media, and ArcGIS.

Subject-Matter Experts and Fellows

Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) and Fellows

The cornerstone of the NCSP's approach is our ability to channel diverse experience into integrated solutions. Our national cadre of subject-matter experts and fellows have research and practitioner expertise in:

  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Leadership & Decision-Making
  • Emergency Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Law Enforcement
  • Disaster and Emergency Medicine
  • Intelligence
  • Advanced Tactics and Decision-Making
  • Social Media
  • Public Health Planning and Response
  • Cybersecurity
Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST)

About VOST

The Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) is a student-led, expert-guided group that provides just-in-time and after-action social media reporting related to critical incidents.

VOST is part of a partnership among the NCSP, UAlbany Weather Enterprise and Crisis Informatics Lab. The team includes students from CEHC and the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (DAES).

Team Members

Alexander Klein, CEHC
Abigail Komarc, DAES
Greg Stamas, CEHC
Scott Trobridge, CEHC

Faculty Mentors

Amber Silver, PhD, Principal Investigator

Peer Mentors

Jay Gilleo, CEHC
Pete Tedeschi, DAES

Alumni Mentors

Thomas Geiger '20
Austin Hyman '20

Student Support Team (SST)

About the SST

The UAlbany Student Support Team (SST) is a student-led, expert-guided group that provides public health and wellness support to students in UAlbany's On-Campus Quarantine and Isolation, as well as those quarantining or isolating off campus. Students also work with UAlbany's Surveillance Testing Program  to provide critical information to students who have tested presumptive positive.

The SST is part of the University's Incident Management Team and represents a partnership among the NCSP,  CEHC, School of Public Health (SPH), and School of Social Welfare (SSW).

Team Members

Dameya Calliste, SSW
Joshua De Souza, CEHC
Emma Dunn, SPH
Colleen Jason, SPH
Sphurthy Kota, CEHC
Ammed Kouakou, SPH
Taylor Manzelli, SPH
Charles McGowan, CEHC
Perrie Rose Megyeri, SPH
Taylor Perre, SPH and SSW
Inirsis Ramos, SSW

Faculty and Staff Mentors

Stephen Conard, MPA, CEM
Sally D'Alessandro, LMSW
Tomoko Udo, PhD

Our Partners


The NCSP embraces the role of emergency management as a broker of expertise. In this spirit, we engage partners from across and beyond the University at Albany to connect their experience with the risks we are working to mitigate. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to develop 360-degree solutions to complex challenges.


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