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MyInvolvement Tools

MyInvolvement has many tools to help you manage your involvement experiences at UAlbany. Your "tool bar" can be found by clicking on My Involvement located at the top of the page to the right of your name. The list of items that appear is outlined below.


You can easily track your current and past memberships with this tool.

  • If you are a current member of an organization listed in MyInvolvement and you appear on that organization’s roster the organization will appear under your "Current Memberships& tab.
  • You can also view your past memberships under the "Past Memberships" tab.
  • If you need to add a past membership then you can manually add it from the "Add Past Memberships" option located to the right of "My Organization Memberships".


You can easily track the events you RSVP’d for and past event attendance.


You have the option to add a list of experiences such as campus employment, internships, certifications, honors and awards to your profile. To do so click "Add Experience" and select a category from the drop down list.


By selecting and ranking your personal interests MyInvolvement will recommend organizations for you to become involved with as well as events to attend.

From your homepage:
Click on your name in the upper left corner of the screen to expose the Account menu.

Click on "Interests".

You can select an interest topic by clicking on one of the folders in the "Selected Interests" column. Once a folder is chosen you may then choose an item with a green + sign be added to your "Ranked Interests" column. You can move your selected interests in the "Ranked Interests" column by hovering over one of your items and clicking on the up or down arrow.

Service Hours

You can track your service and volunteer hours associated with a particular organization. This information has to be submitted for verification and approval. Volunteer opportunities can also be tracked under service hours.


Once students submit forms, elections, organization registrations, or events, a confirmation email of the status of the submission will be sent to their message inbox.

Involvement Curriculum

MyInvolvement hosts a variety of “Involvement Curriculum’s” created by departments on campus. Curriculum’s are designed in different ways but all track your progress toward completion of a particular curriculum. A few examples include…

  • "Pathways to Success" curriculum - an outside of the classroom experience program to encourage students to become involved on campus and in the community.
  • "DANEger Zone Rewards" curriculum – an athletic fan based program where students are rewarded with prizes for attending athletic events.


You have the ability to request reports from MyInvolvement

Involvement Record

Everything you participate in and attend on campus that is tracked through MyInvolvement is automatically reflected for you on your Involvement Record. This is a useful tool for you to reflect on your experiences and use it to build your professional resume.

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